At Wellness Patron, we’re serious about the kind of content we publish – and this is not just a fancy statement meant to make you feel good.

Our editorial team follows a strict list of standards that flow through every single piece of content we publish on our website.

Here are the five editorial commandments we strictly follow:

  1. We publish relevant, timeless content that serves value for years to come.
  2. We publish content that serves the interests of our readers, not anyone else’s.
  3. We never publish the content solely for the goal of ‘making money’. Our opinions are our own, and no company can persuade us to change our content or opinions to suit their agenda.
  4. We don’t accept sponsored posts or ‘guest’ posts by third parties. Content published on our website has only been created by our team of authors or created as a collaboration with industry experts. We don’t accept any outside random content.
  5. We only publish content that has been reviewed and fact-checked according to the facts present and available on the day of publishing the content.

These five rules create the foundation of our content. Every single thing we do is based on this foundation.

At Wellness Patron, content is never published at random, without verifying the content or stuffing it with needless words. Our goal is to bring informative, accessible content to you, and thus, we’re serious about our editorial standards.

If you have any ideas or feedback about our content, feel free to reach out to us or read more about our story here.