Our Story

Wellness Patron was established in 2023 by Viktoria Krusenvald, a board-certified nutrition consultant and a certified holistic nutritionist.

But the actual story goes years back into Viktoria’s past. Viktoria struggled with her own eating habits, body image, health, and nutrition as long as she could remember, much like most people. Even more, coming from a low-income household, she never had any guidance or information on healthy eating, making things even tougher.

Her personal struggles lead her into nutrition studies and coupled with years of mindset work, Viktoria has now not only become a certified nutrition specialist, but has also fixed her own health, body image, and overall wellbeing.

Wellness Patron is not just another nutrition website. Viktoria’s greatest passion in life is to make sure everyone improves their eating habits and health. It’s time to stop putting ourselves into nutrition traps, following nonsensical guidelines, and harming our well-being.

And this is exactly what Wellness Patron has been created for.

Our Vision and Mission

Wellness Patron has one clear-cut mission: to improve the well-being of all people and become a lightbringer in the messy darkness that the nutrition industry can be today.

There’s too much noise in the wellness community and even professionals are having a tough time understanding what’s true or not. And what’s worse: everyone’s health is declining in the middle of this mess.

We’re living in times where we have more food available than ever before, yet malnutrition is rampant.

There’s too much conflicting nutrition information out there. One day, you’re supposed to follow one diet plan, the next you’re supposed to use another one. Some say you need to consume X amount of protein, yet others say the contrary.

What’s truly behind healthy eating? What’s the best for your health and wellbeing? How to make better nutrition choices?

That’s exactly what Wellness Patron is here for. Our vision is to become the leading force in bringing factual, in-depth nutrition content to everyone, making nutrition information easy to understand and accessible to everyone.


WellnessPatron.com is an information hub where you can find articles about nutrition, healthy eating, and general wellbeing. We don’t diagnose nor treat any conditions – our website has been created solely for an informational and entertainment purposes.

No, Wellness Patron is meant to be only an informative hub for nutrition-related content and articles. However, if you have specific health or nutrition questions, we may be able to direct you to appropriate channels.

WellnessPatron.com has been created by Viktoria Krusenvald, a board certified nutrition consultant. The website is owned by Keller Media OÜ, a company lead and owned by Viktoria Krusenvald and her husband Marcus Keller. They work side-by-side to bring you high-value nutrition content, reducing all the noise surrounding the wellness industry.

No, Wellness Patron content is completely free of charge for readers – we don’t hide our content behind paywalls. Instead, we receive advertising fees and commission from any services or products we may feature in our content. To ensure the longevity of our website and keep providing free content to you, we also ask you to disable adblock plugins and extensions when using our website.

You can reach out to us by filling out this form. We aim to answer all queries within 24 to 48 hours.

Meet Our Authors

Every piece of content published on Wellness Patron has been reviewed by nutrition and wellness professionals, leading with Viktoria Krusenvald, an ANWPB Board Certified Nutritional Consultant (BCNC). We pride ourselves in creating valuable, useful, and factual content – content that reduces the noise in the wellness industry.

If you’d like to become a contributor at Wellness Patron, send us your CV and references here.

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